Dr Thierry Wandji

Dr Thierry Wandji

Cybastion’s President and CEO drives the organization’s mission and strategy and leads a dynamic team of experts, providing robust, tailor-made cybersecurity solutions for the public and private sectors. He is an expert in software security and cybersecurity risk management. He is an established cybersecurity specialist with more than 15 years of academic research and teaching, private industry, and government experience.

With over fifteen years of academic research and teaching in the defense and intelligence fields, his private industry, and government experience, Dr. Wandji is an expert in developing solutions for cybersecurity and intelligence professionals.

Dr. Wandji has maintained several academic responsibilities and continues to support private and academic communities through his research. He currently serves at two cybersecurity and intelligence academy excellence centers in the U.S.

Dr. Wandji spent over a decade working for the U.S. NAVY and the Naval Research Laboratory, with several technical leadership positions in the cybersecurity and intelligence departments to his credit. He led the design and implementation of critical cybersecurity and intelligence solutions for the U.S. Navy Special Operations Teams and the Department of Defense.

As Technical Director of Cybersecurity and Intelligence, he developed technical engineering programs, cybersecurity and intelligence curriculum and courses, and the DevSecOps strategy. Before this position, he was the Technical Director of Software Assurance R&D, leading Navy technical teams and developing courses on software assurance and software reliability. In this position, he also worked with the NAVAIR Cyber Warfare Detachment, Naval Research Lab, NASA Jet Propulsion Lab, and the University of Massachusetts on cybersecurity and systems engineering research projects and experimentation.

As a Senior Cybersecurity Researcher, he led several projects, including the CYBERSAFE and RMF processes. In addition, Dr. Wandji performed gap testing to assist SYSCOM; he supported the NRL cyber risk assessment and analyzed and reviewed evaluations and certifications. Before joining the U.S. Navy, he was a Radar Systems Engineer at Rockwell Collins and a Software Engineer at IBM. He began his career as a research assistant at NASA.

Dr. Wandji is a Board member of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s US-Africa Business Center

His qualifications include:

  • BSc in Electrical Engineering from the Polytechnic School of Engineering of Montreal Canada
  • MSc in Electrical Engineering from Morgan State University in Baltimore
  • MSc in Cybersecurity Technology and Digital Forensics from the University of Maryland
  • PhD in Systems Engineering from George Washington University

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