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At CYBASTION, we make sure that your connected environment is free from cyber vulnerabilities.


The Cybastion Difference

Mission: Helping organizations and governments to acquire the knowledge (products, training and services) necessary to protect their critical infrastructure and intellectual property while reacting in real time against cyber-attacks.

Offering Cutting-edge Technology: Deploying cutting-edge technology and training their clients to create an environment which inspires other related groups.

Rapid Reaction: We quickly deploy teams whenever and wherever needed in order to successfully resolve our clients’ needs.

Team Integration: We understand how to support your teams, earn their confidence and empower them to grow and become cybersecurity experts.

Financing Support: We work with you to identify a financial solution that matches your budget and builds your capability along the way.

Return-on-Investment: We have established university partnerships and bring high-level professionals to offer state-of-the-art training.

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World Class Cybersecurity Solution

Over the years, CYBASTION INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY has developed a robust world-class cybersecurity solution tailored to suit the needs of different organizations and nation states. We believe that cybersecurity is a must-have for institutions that store data and customers deserve the right to have their data secured. That is why we have developed a simplified and safe series of security practices to check and restrict cyber-attack and threats on your system.

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Empowering Our Customers

Our primary goal is to make companies and nations self-sufficient with cybersecurity techniques that they can deploy in their fields of practice. Our team is passionate about creating a secured cybersecurity space through dedicated research and product development.

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Security Operation Center

CYBASTION uses Security Operation Center (SOCs) to defend organizations from cyber-attacks. With SOCs, there is real-time monitoring of all the systems while staff work in shifts, to make sure your systems are protected.

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Products & Services

Engaging with CYBASTION INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY enables businesses and public sector entities to be aware of their security status through consultation, analysis, and practical approaches that render a tailored solution to their cybersecurity needs.

Digital Forensic Laboratory

Facilitates the investigation and recovery of items found on electronic devices.

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Cyber Insurance

Insurance product used to protect businesses and individual users from internet-based risks.

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Managing security through encryption is a common practice for most organizations. However, PKI provides unique digital identities for users, devices, applications, in a secure end-to-end communication.

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Cyber Threat Hunting

The process of proactively and iteratively searching through networks.

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Our Locations

A US-based company created in 2019, CYBASTION INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, has its headquarters in the RTP area in Durham, North Carolina. The public affairs office is located in the heart of Washington DC.

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What People Say

Knowing our threat posture as it happens, means my team can get on the front foot and protect the business from data loss in real-time, before it happens.

Security Manager, Global Telecommunications Provider