Cybastion’s CEO Feature – Voice of America

February 2, 2023

Washington, D.C., 1 February, 2022 

Cybastion’s President and CEO, Dr. Thierry Wandji, joined Paul Ndiho and Esther Githui-Ewart on the Africa 54 program of Voice of America to discuss Cybastion’s participation at the US Africa Leader’s Summit, and Cybastion’s deal room announcement. In the feature, Dr. Wandji outlined Cybastion’s commitments, in concert with other U.S. technology and services providers, in providing superior solutions, genuine network integrity, and substantial training opportunities and workforce development in Africa. Cybastion is delighted to partner with African governments and the private sector to meet the cyber security needs of the continent.

About Cybastion

Cybastion, a one-stop shop for all cybersecurity needs, offers cybersecurity solutions, infrastructure, and digital technologies. The company is headquartered in Durham, North Carolina and has a large footprint in Africa, working in 8 countries. Cybastion seeks to bridge the gap between Africa’s cybersecurity and more developed countries with cybersecurity solutions, infrastructure, and digital technologies.

Cybastion’s work in building capacity in Africa is particularly important, because as President Biden says, “When Africa succeeds, the United States succeeds; quite frankly, the whole world succeeds as well.”


Author picture

Author: Emana Shunnom is Cybastion's Senior Policy Manager with extensive experience working with the Federal Government of Nigeria and the U.S. In her role, she leads projects at the intersection of policy, technology, and government relations and manages communication and outreach efforts for Cybastion's Business Strategy and Government Affairs department.

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