About Cybastion

Welcome to Cybastion 

Cybastion is an emerging leader in the cybersecurity space, with a global footprint offering services to both the public and private sectors. We have developed robust cybersecurity solutions and simple and safe security practices, tailored to suit your needs. 

Cybastion helps customers to enter the digital era with confidence, by ensuring their digital environment is fully protected. We leverage analytics and automation to deliver comprehensive cybersecurity solutions. Our innovative offerings are structured so that both businesses and governments can have full control over their security demands. We also provide educational solutions to build the cybersecurity skills of your workforce to meet the needs of this new digital paradigm. 

Ultimately, Cybastion’s goal is to build and implement world-class cybersecurity solutions for customers across the private and public sectors. We deliver tailored skills and education that empowers organizations to become self-sufficient.

Cybastion offers a customizable, comprehensive package of cybersecurity and digital solutions to suit your needs. Our across-the-board offerings include:

  • Cybersecurity: Our detailed cybersecurity services protect your digital technologies and assess potential threats in advance.
  • Digital solutions: We offer the latest technologies to modernize your business
  • Infrastructure: We assist in creating cyberinfrastructure for your business needs
  • Education: Our training and diploma courses upskill employees so they can manage your cyber requirements internally
  • Cyber insurance: This mitigates the risk of using digital technologies


Cybastion is an American cybersecurity business that is a leader in providing state-of-the-art technology and solutions, with a particular focus on emerging markets, especially in Africa. 

The business was founded by Dr Thierry Wandji, an American citizen of West African origin, who is a recognized cybersecurity expert with deep US Government experience. He also serves at two centers for cybersecurity academy excellence in the U.S.- as the Director of Cybersecurity Education at North Carolina State University and Morgan State University, Baltimore, Maryland. 

His keen awareness of conditions in Africa is the driving force behind Cybastion’s vision for Africa: to extend and defend Africa’s digital platforms with US technology and solutions.

Cybastion delivers solutions adapted to African countries, in order to support them toward a secure and reliable digital transformation. The company partners with African countries to deliver a cutting-edge digital ecosystem, which meets their modernization and digitalization objectives. Cybastion’s superior solutions, genuine network integrity, key training opportunities, and workforce development ensures that your digital environment is secure, resilient, and reliable.